SilverOnyx Portable HEPA Air Purifier User Manual

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Dear Customer,
Congratulations on your purchase of the SilverOnyx 3 Stage Air Purifier. This product is meticulously designed with high quality materials and components. Please read the user manual carefully to familiarize yourself with the special features and functions. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact us by phone or email. Thank you!
SilverOnyx LLC

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  1. After unpacking, set box and packing materials aside for at least 30 days.
  1. Place purifier upside down on a soft, level surface.
  1. Rotate the filter counter- clockwise and lift up to remove.
  1. Remove the filter from the clear, plastic bag and place filter back in the purifier – rotate clockwise to secure.
  1. Ensure the power switch on the back of the unit is in the OFF position (“O” = Off).
  1. Attach power cable to the corresponding input port on the back of the purifier.
  1. Insert other end of power cable into suitable power outlet.
  1. Flip the power switch on the back of the unit to the ON position (“I” = On).
  1. Tap the ‘Power’ button on the display and select desired fan speed with the ‘Air Flow’ button.


For best results…

✔ Keep the purifier in the room you will spend the most time ✔ Position the purifier closest to the source of smoke or other household  odors 

✔ Close windows and doors to the room 

✔ Ensure there is a few feet of clearance at top, front, and sides of the  purifier ✔ Position the purifier where it will NOT be a tripping hazard

🗶 Do NOT keep the purifier in the corner of the room 

🗶 Do NOT place the purifier behind furniture 

🗶 Do NOT position the purifier directly below shelves 

🗶 Do NOT position the purifier within 2 feet of electronics, such as a TV,  microwave, or stereo (computers are fine) during operation 


• Use only original power adapter; if the adapter or wire is damaged please contact Customer Care.
• Do NOT touch the electrical plug with wet hands.
• Disconnect the power supply before replacing the filter, or if the product is not used for a long time.
• Make sure the power supply is as per the voltage indicated on the adaptor.
• Do NOT put any object inside the air purifier either from inlet or outlet.
• Do NOT block the inlet or the outlet of the air purifier.
• Do NOT attempt to repair or disassemble the air purifier; service should be performed by authorized personnel only.
• Keep the air purifier away from water, heat, and fire.
• Do NOT run the air purifier without filter – the suction of dust may cause problems in the equipment and its components.



Start: After main power is switched on, tap the Power button. The unit will beep and the air flow speed indicator will light.

First Use: For best results, we recommend first running your purifier on fan speed 3 for several days to a week (while away from the room, if necessary). Then switch to a lower fan speed as desired.

Air Flow/Fan Speed: Tap the Air Flow button to toggle between the 3 available fan speeds.

Sleep Mode:
Tap the Sleep button after startup or while in another mode and it will switch to sleep mode.
In this mode the Sleep Indicator will light, the lights will dim, and the air purifier will run on the lowest fan speed.

Tap the Timer button after startup or while in another mode and it will switch to the Timer mode.
In this mode you can toggle between 1hr, 4hrs, and 8hrs to automatically switch off the air purifier. The chosen time will be indicated on the display. Tapping the Timer button while 8H is selected will disable the timer.

Light Controls:
Tap the Light button to switch on/off the display and ambient lights. This function can be used at night, when you do not want any light to disturb your sleep.

UV Lamp:
Tap the UV button after startup or while in another mode and the indicator will light while the UV LED light is active. Tap the UV button again
to disable this function.
*NOTE: The UV LED bulb is located under the motor and is not visible during operation.

Stop Purifier:
If you want to switch off the air purifier completely, tap the Power button – the fan will stop and all lights will turn off.

Reset Filters Button:
When the filter needs to be changed, this button will light up. After replacing the filter, press and hold the Filter Life Reset button for 5 seconds to reset.


WARNING! Before attempting to perform any maintenance on this air purifier, disconnect the power adapter!


It is suggested that the filter be changed every 6 months*.

*Note: Filter life will depend on the air quality of the room and length of use. For example, the filter may need to be replaced sooner in
contaminated zones, smoking areas, etc. Please change the filter if purification has degraded.

Cleaning procedure: monthly (or more often in heavy polluted areas)

• Use a soft brush or dry cotton cloth to clean the filter surface only or vacuum gently.
• Do NOT use water to wash the filter.
• Filter may damage easily – use caution during handling and replace immediately if damaged.

*Replacement filters can be purchased on our website at


• Use a dry, soft fabric cloth to wipe the surface, inlets and outlets of the purifier.
Do not use a chemical cleaning agent!
• During Extended Idle Periods:
• Unplug unit from its power source.
• Clean the surface and filter.
• Store in a cool, dry location and cover with a plastic bag.

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Problem Reason & Solution
Smell  •The filter may be too dirty if not replaced for a long time.
•Replace the filter. Using the air purifier in moist conditions or water entered  in the filter. Replace the filter. 
•Burning smell. Stop the purifier and unplug immediately;  contact Customer Care.
No Air Flow  •Air purifier being operated in sleep mode. Change the  mode.
•The air purifier is malfunctioning. Check power supply, if  problem persists contact Customer Care.
Ineffective •The filter is clogged and no longer effective. Replace the  filter.
• Being used in inappropriate places, such as oversized  spaces.


Model KJ100F-Q01
Adapter Power Supply Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz  0.6A Max
Unit power supply 24V DC 1A
CADR 100m3/hr
Noise level Low: 25 dB(A); High:  52dB(A)
Dimension in inches 8.5 x 8.5 x 13.2
Net weight 3.97 lbs

You can download the PDF version of the Silver Onyx Portable HEPA Air Purifier User Manual here