Acurite Iris” (5-in-1) weather Sensor(Dual Solar Panel) model 06014 User’s Manual

Package Contents AcuRite Iris Weather Sensor Mounting Hardware Sensor Mounting Bracket Instruction Manual IMPORTANT:PRODUCT MUST BE REGISTERED TO RECEIVE WARRANTY SERVICE PRODUCT REGISTRATIONRegister online to receive 1-year warranty protection product-registration Questions? Visit Features & Benefits AcuRite Iris SENSOR Rainfall Collector Funnel Solar Cell Panel :Converts sunlight into power to run internal aspirating fan […]


Acurite instruction manual Display for 3-in-1 Weather Sensor model 06020 User’s Manual

Package Contents Display Power Adapter Instruction Manual This product requires an Acurite 3-in-1 Weather Sensor (sold separately) to be operational. PRODUCT REGISTRATIONRegister online to receive 1-year warranty protection Questions? Contact Customer Support at (877) 221-1252 or visit Features & Benefits FRONT OF DISPLAY Current Outdoor: Temperature Arrow icon indicates the direction the temperature […]

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AcuRite Atlas outdoor device model 06059 User’s Manual

How It Works   AcuRite Atlas is an environmental monitoring station that delivers key information on current outdoor conditions at its installation location. The outdoor device contains sensors that read temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, UV, light intensity, and optionally lightning (requires optional Lightning Detection Sensor; maybe purchased separately). These readings are transmitted over a 433 MHz wireless radio […]