Air Purifiers

Living Air Classic® Electronic Air Purification 100, 110 and 220 volt Systems

EcoQuest International®

CAUTION: read manual carefully for proper procedures and operation.

CAUTION! – Disconnect power cord before servicing. 100, 110 volt models – use 1.0 Amp slow blow fuse. 220 volt models – use 0.5 Amp slow blow fuse

CAUTION: Do not operate unit without Ecotech purification plate properly installed. Doing so may void your warranty.



  • • Smoke
  • • Odors
  • • Tobacco Smoke
  • • Pollen
  • • Dust
  • • Dust Mites
  • • Large Particulate

Plus it works as an appliance to Sanitize an area to Reduce

  • • Mold
  • • Mildew
  • • Bacteria

Notable Features

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • No Duct Work Required
  • No Chemicals
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Electrical Use
  • Complete User Control
  • No Residual Contamination
  • Plugs into 110 (100 or 220) volt outlet



  • • Positive/Negative Ion Generation Technology
  • • Ozone Generation


  • • Adjustable fan speed control
  • • Washable lint screen filter
  • • Adjustable ozone control


  • • 100 volt 50/60Hz, 110 volt 60Hz or 220 volt 50Hz ac line operation depending on model
  • • 30 watts power consumption
  • • 24 to 30 KV, 20-30 Khz ion generation pulsator
  • • Fixed 6 KV DC needle ion generator


  • • 400 CFM fan


  • • Height: 11″; Width: 8″; Depth: 9 3/4″
  • • Weight: 19 pounds

Ozone Output:

  • • 0-360 mg per hour


  • • 3 years parts and labor (excludes plates) on 110 volt models
  • • 1 year parts on 100 & 220 volt models


Nature cleanses the air with the lightning and rain. Lightning bolts produce ozone, as well as positive and negative ions which cleanse the air naturally. Rain helps bring the ozone and ions closer to the earth’s surface. They are then attracted to atmospheric contaminants that are either removed from the air and attached to grounded objects or are oxidized.

The Easy Living Air reproduces the natural conditions found in the outdoors. It is not designed to create an artificial environment. The re-establishment of a natural environment takes place out in the air, rather than inside the unit. It cleanses the air, rather than filtering it, masking the symptoms, or attempting to dilute it.


  1. Remove unit from shipping carton
  2. Remove all protective materials
  3. Check for shipping damage and loose or broken parts
  4. Read Owners Manual thoroughly prior to installation
  5. Remove Ecotech purification plate from the box and install
  6. OPTIONAL: Plug the unit into a 110 volt (100 or 220 volt) outlet, place in shipping box with unit on and purifier knob set to maximum for at least one hour to remove traces of manufacturing odor.
  7. Determine placement location for the unit, plug the unit into 110 volt (100 or 220 volt) outlet and adjust controls according to the application.


The Living Air Classic utilizes one Ecotech purification plate.

  1. Rotate the Lint Screen retainer out of the way.
  2. Remove the Lint Screen.
  3. Fully insert Ecotech purification plate (a) between the guide-grooves in the top and bottom of the plate cage (between the posts
    and clips) making sure the metal clip on each side of the plate is in contact with the metal screen on the plate.
  4. Re-install Lint Screen as shown below.


  1. Always install bottom of Lint Screen first.
  2. The Lint Screen tab should depress the safety switch arm towards the bottom of the unit.

Unit will not operate if safety switch is not depressed.

  1. Fit top of Lint Screen into cabinet.
  2. Secure with retainer.


Place the unit as high as possible to insure complete purification.

If raised placement is not available, place unit as high as possible and elevate front of unit so fan blows towards ceiling. Some pollutants, such as smoke, rise and the unit, when elevated, can oxidize the pollutants more effectively. A ceiling fan can also aid in distribution of cleansing properties.

The Living Air Classic is most effective when placed in a position that allows the ions and ozone to be mixed evenly and thoroughly
with the polluted air.

Suggested locations, listed in the order of preference:

  1. Nearest the source of the worst pollution.
  2. Near a cold-air return to thoroughly circulate clean air throughout the area.
  3. In the area most heavily used to achieve maximum benefit.
    • For maximum control the unit should be placed where easy access to the controls is possible.
    • The rear of the unit should always have at least one inch of open area to allow unrestricted airflow.
    • Be sure power cord is not accessible to small children to prevent injury.


With the optional EcoHelp on the unit, Living Air Classic placed in a room will remove vast amounts of pollen quickly, allowing the user some
immediate benefit in that room, while keeping the unit clean. The same holds true for dust, and the mites riding on that dust. In a smaller confined area, EcoHelp can give faster results, while allowing our ECOTECH to do progressive work. EcoHelp Item # 70233



The disbursement of cleansing properties is best accomplished with good air circulation. The FAN control should be set as high as reasonably possible without creating an undesirable noise level. This will be determined by personal preference and the distance you wish the cleansing properties to be dispersed.

Note: A ceiling fan can also aid in distribution of cleansing properties.


PURIFIER control: Set the control at the nine o’clock position for one hour. Adjust the PURIFIER control up or down after one hour based on the following criteria:

  1. In normal conditions it is not necessary to turn the PURIFIER control indicator above the square-footage of the environment.
  2. Keeping in mind the previous statement (#1), adjust the purifier so that the odor of ozone fades into the background 15-30 seconds after entering the environment.

3.NORMAL / LOW SWITCH (100 & 110 volt models only)

For better purifier control in small areas (under 300 square feet), set the NORMAL / LOW switch to LOW. The purifier output will be effective for 1/10th of the area indicated by the current purifier control setting (for example: 3000 sq. ft setting = 300 sq. ft. coverage). For all other applications, set the switch to NORMAL.


To sanitize an approximately 12×12 area for mold, mildew, or bacteria, turn the unit on high for 3-4 hours.

Caution: Always be sure a room or area is UNOCCUPIED before performing the above described sanitizing procedure.

Air out room by opening door and/or window.


Periodic maintenance is required to insure that the Living Air Classic operates properly. A severely polluted environment can foul an Ecotech purification plate in as little as two weeks or as long as a year. Shown here are basic maintenance procedures that should be carried out to keep your unit running at top performance.

EcoHelp filter cleaning:

You have two options to clean the carbon lint screen:
• When visibly dirty, simply remove the lint screen and with a hand-held vacuum remove the heavy particulate from the screen. This method will extend the life of the filter.
• When visibly dirty, remove the lint screen from the back of the unit and wash in hot water, brushing gently with a toothbrush to remove particulate. Allow to dry prior to re-installing the lint screen.

Ecotech purification plate

Carefully remove the Ecotech purification plate from the card cage by grasping the middle of the edge nearest to you, and slowly pulling
straight out.

Clean the plate with hot water and ammonia. Dry completely using a hair dryer if necessary. Reinstall plate. Be sure to check that the electrical tabs are in contact with the plate.

Plate Card Cage

Also be sure to clean the white stand-offs at the corners of the plate card cage. (A cotton swab with alcohol works well.)

Fan Blade and Front Grill

Wipe off fan blade and front grill if dirty with damp washcloth. The fan requires no maintenance (with the exception of the first time it is used, when it may be necessary to give it a gentle push to get it started). If the fan squeaks, a drop of lightweight oil may be needed on the fan shaft.


A fuse holder is located on the back of the unit next to the power cord. To replace or check the fuse, unscrew the fuse holder cap by turning it counterclockwise then remove the cap and fuse.

If the fuse is blown, replace with a new slow blow type fuse. Insert the new fuse into the fuse holder and replace the fuse holder cap.

If the fuse holder cap is not installed correctly, the unit will not operate.

CAUTION! – Disconnect power cord before servicing. 100,110 volt models – use 1.0 Amp slow blow fuse. 220 volt models – use 0.5 Amp slow blow fuse.



Indicators of Operation

Operation of the ion indicator lamps:

Turn the unit on and check that the small red/orange lamp is illuminated. The lamp is located inside the unit and is viewed by looking into the unit through the front grill. Illumination of the internal lamp verifies that the frequency type ionizer and needlepoint ionizer are functioning properly. The lamp should stay illuminated as long as the unit is turned on.

Troubleshooting – What to look for first.

  1. I have plugged in the unit, turned “ON” the power switch and nothing happens…what’s wrong?
    • Make sure the electrical outlet is capable of providing power to the unit.
    • Check the Lint Screen located at the back of the machine to ensure that the safety switch activator clip depresses the safety switch.
    • Check to see if the proper fuse is installed and that it is serviceable.
    • Ensure that the fuse cap is completely seated and secured in its receptacle.

2.The fan is operating although the unit won’t produce any ozone…what’s wrong?
• Check the Ecotech purification plate for serviceability. If it is cracked or broken, the plate will require replacement. Ensure maintenance procedures required for the plate have been performed according to the “Maintenance” section. Order new plates from your Dealer.
• Electrical stainless steel contacts are not contacting the screen portion of the Ecotech purification plate. Inspect the unit for any loose connections.
• Do not attempt to disassemble the unit, due to the Limited Warranty of the product.

  1. How am I able to know if the Frequency-Type Ionizer is working?
    • Current models with the FT Ionizer system have a neon light bulb mounted on the base of the FT antenna. When the power switch to the unit is turned ON, the neon light bulb will illuminate, indicating that the FT Ionizer is functioning normally .

4.The Ecotech purification plate is making a noise, have a burning smell, and/or appear to arc or spark.What is the problem?
• Ecotech purification plate is most likely cracked. Refer to the answers for question # 2, as it would apply to this question also.

5.What are the most typical application problems?
• Symptom: A belief that the proper equipment is placed in the environment and the equipment appears unsuccessful.
Problem: Lack of air movement, improper placement of the unit.
• Symptom: Strong odors still remain with the environment after placement.
Problem: Lack of ozone, improper placement of the unit.
• Symptom: A strong odor of ozone is present within the environment.
Problem: Too much ozone accumulation within the environment, as a result of
improper purifier control setting, and / or lack of air movement.
• Symptom: Visual haze of smoke and / or particulate remain within the environment.
Problem: Lack of ionization and / or air movement.

  1. Unit does not operate –
    • Is the unit plugged in?
    • Are you sure the outlet is active?
    • Is the unit turned on?
    • Is the EcoHelp filter installed properly to depress the safety switch downward?
  1. Air flow is restricted or reduced –
    • Is the unit properly placed away from objects that may obstruct air flow?
    • Are the filter and fan housing clean?

If your unit fails to operate properly after performing trouble-shooting, contact your EcoQuest Dealer for further assistance, contact us at the address located on the front of the manual, or visit for additional technical support.

Living Air Classic® Electronic Air Purification 100,110 and 220 volt Systems


This product is of solid state construction and is warrantied by EcoQuest International

to the original purchaser, to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for three-years from date of purchase. (100 & 220 volt units are warrantied for one year, parts only.) This warranty excludes Ecotech purification plates, which are covered for 90 days from the same date of purchase.

See warranty card for specific details.

If you have any questions concerning your Living Air Classic system or if your unit is defective, please contact

You can download the PDF version of the LIVING AIR CLASSIC AIR PURIFIER USER’S MANUAL here.