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After reading this manual, if you have any questions or comments on your Kenmore Air Cleaner, call 1-888-277=2810

To order replacement filters by phone, call toll free: 1 (800) 366-7278 7AMto7PM 7days a week

Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.


Please read all instructions before using this product. Save these instructions for easy reference. When using electrical appliances,
basic precautions should always be followed to reduce breakage, risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons including the following:

  • Read all instructions before operating the air cleaner.
  • Place the air cleaner where it is not easily knocked over by persons in the household.
  • ALWAYS unplug air cleaner when not in use.
  • DO NOT use any product with a damaged cord or plug, or if product malfunctions, is dropped or damaged in any manner.
  • Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces.
  • DO NOT use air cleaner outdoors.
  • NEVER use the air cleaner unless it is fully assembled.
  • DO NOT run power cord under carpets and DO NOT cover with throw rugs. Arrange cord so it will not be tripped over.
  • DO NOT use air cleaner where combustible gases or vapors are present.
  • DO NOT expose the air cleaner to rain, or use near water, in a bathroom, laundry area or other damp locations.
  • To disconnect air cleaner, first turn speed dial to OFF position and remove plug from outlet.
  • DO NOT allow foreign objects to enter ventilation or exhaust opening, as this may cause electric shock or damage to the air cleaner.
  • DO NOT block air outlets or intakes.
  • Place air cleaner near a power outlet, and avoid using an extension cord.
  • The air cleaner has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. if the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact qualified personnel
  • to install the proper outlet. DO NOT try to alter the plug in any way. , A loose fit between the plug and the AC outlet (receptacle) may cause overheating and distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to replace loose or worn receptacles.
  • DO NOT sit, stand or place heavy objects on the air cleaner.

WARNING: To reduce the fire or electrical shock , Do NOT use this product with any solid state speed control device.

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if this air cleaner fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, return it to your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Center to have it repaired free of charge. Free repair does not include replacing the pre-filter or HEPA filter, which are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use before one year expires.

If repair is not possible, at your option Sears will replace this product or refund its full purchase price.

This warranty is void if this product is used for commercial or rental purposes.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Sears, Roebuck and Co., Dept. 817WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179


Congratulations on your choice of the Kenmore HEPA Air Cleaner. We highly recommend that you operate the Air Cleaner 24 hours
a day, because indoor air can be quickly contaminated by activity or objects in a room and infiltration of outside air. Portable air cleaners
are much effective in rooms where all doors and windows  are closed 


The air cleaner has a two-stage filtering system. The first stage is a charcoal pre-filter. The second stage is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter. Room air is drawn into the Air Cleaner through the Air Intake Grille and passes through the filters. The filtered air is released from the top of the unit and is dispersed upwards into the room.

Two Filter Change Calendar Wheels are provided on the Air Cleaner control panel to serve as convenient reminders when to change the filters.


Your Air Cleaner was thoroughly inspected and tested at the factory prior to packaging. Visually inspect it upon removal from its box. Remove and discard any packaging material. Return the unit if it shows any signs of damage or mishandling.

Upon starting your Air Cleaner, set the Pre-filter Calendar Wheel ahead 3 months and the HEPA Filter Change Calendar Wheel ahead 12 months to remind you when the next filter replacement is needed.


Plug the Air Cleaner into a polarized 120-Volt AC wall outlet.

WARNING: To avoid the risk of fire or electric shock hazard, the air cleaner should only be plugged into polarized 120=Volt AC outlet.


CAUTION! NEVER operate the Air Cleaner without the HEPA filter properly installed. Permanent motor damage could result. 

Each time you start the Air Cleaner, it is a good idea to run it at Turbo speed for a few seconds. Then set it HI, MED or LO as desired.

TURBO initial Operation Fastest Cleaning

HI Maximum Operation Fast Cleaning

MED Daytime Operation Normal Cleaning

LO Nighttime Operation  Quieter Operation 


  • Pre-Filter: The pre-filter should be changed every three (3) months or sooner, depending upon the level of the room’s air contaminants and the frequency of use. 
  • HEPA Filter: The usable lifetime of the HEPA filter is 1 – 3 years, depending upon the level of the room’s air contaminants and the frequency of use. The air volume output will begin to decrease dramatically when the filter needs to be changed. You should have a spare filter available for later replacement. 


These filters are specially designed for easy replacement at maximum performance. THE FILTERS ARE NOT WASHABLE. 

1. Turn the air cleaner OFF and unplug it from the power outlet. 2. Carefully lay the unit down on a flat surface with the Front Grille facing up. 

3. Gently push in on Release Buttons on both sides of the unit and swing out the Front Grille. 

4. Pre-Filter 

• The pre-filter is attached to the HEPA filter frame with six adhesive pads. Detach pre-filter and discard it. 

• Remove and discard any plastic protective wrapping from the new pre-filter. 

• Lay pre-filter on HEPA filter and gently push it against adhesive pads to attach it to the HEPA frame. 

5. HEPA Filter 

  • Remove and discard any plastic protective wrapping and packaging from the new HEPA filter. 
  • Attach a new pre-filter to the new HEPA filter frame see Pre-Filter attachment instructions above). 

Note: Always install new pre=filter when changing HEPA filter. 

  • Place the filter assembly into the unit. 

6. Install the Front Grille by engaging its tabs into the bottom slots on the unit. Then swing grille up and gently push in top to snap into place. 

7. Adjust the filter change wheels to properly indicate when the next filter change is necessary. 

8. Turn the Air Cleaner upright and plug it into an outlet for operation.

NOTE: Model 85254 has a built-in ionizer which additionafly helps dean, freshen and revitalize the air. 


WARNING: To avoid serious injury from electric shock ALWAYS turn the air cleaner OFF and disconnect the plug from the outlet BEFORE cleaning.

1.Turn Air Cleaner OFF and unplug from outlet. 

2. Clean unit with a moistened soft cloth only. DO NOT pour or splash water on the unit or use any abrasive-type cleaner on it. Clean all external surfaces, especiafly the air intake grilles and air outlet. 

3. DO NOT attempt to dean the pre-filter or HEPA filter; they ARE NOT washable and washing will damage them. 

4. Reposition Air Cleaner plug into power outlet and turn ON.


if you store your Air Cleaner for more than 30 days you should:

1. Remove both the HEPA filter and the pre-filter from the unit.

2. Discard the pre-filter. 

3. Wrap the HEPA filter in an air-tight plastic bag or plastic wrap. Be sure that the filter is totally sealed to protect it from its storage environment.

4. DO NOT put the plastic-wrapped HEPA filter back into the air cleaner.

5. To restore the Air Cleaner to service: 

  • Unwrap the HEPA filter. 
  • Instafl a new charcoal pro-filter. 
  • Install filter assembly in the air cleaner. See “Filter Replacement” section for proper installation. 

TECHNICAL Specifications 

 MODEL 85250 85254
Length 16.5 in. (41.9cm) 21 -7/8in. (55.6 cm)
Width 6.7 in. (17.5cm) 8-1/2in. (21.6 cm)
Height 15.4 in. (39cm) 18 in.(45.7cm)
Weight 9.4 Ibs.(4.28 kg) 15.1 Ibs. (6.84kg)
Input Voltage 120 volts AC, 60 Hz 120 volts AC, 60 Hz



  MODEL    85250   85254
Pre-Filter 83156 83157
HEPA Filter 83190 83195 


If you experience a problem, please see the warranty for information. DO NOT attempt to repair this unit yourself. Doing so will void your warranty, and could cause serious personal injury to yourself, or damage the air cleaner. 

if you have any questions concerning this appliance, please call toll free: 1-888-277-2810 

Monday = Friday 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. CST 


To order replacement parts by phone, call toll free 1-800-366-7278 

7 A.M. – 7 P.M. 7 days a week

You can download the PDF version of the KENMORE HEPA AIR CLEANERS OWNER’S MANUAL (MODELS 152.85250, 152.85254) here.