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This user manual will help you assemble and operate your new electric bike. Be sure to read ALL OF THE INFORMATION in this manual before riding.

NOTE TO ALL RIDERS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: It’s very important that you get parental permission before riding your electric bike.


ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding your electric bike.
Make sure your electric bike has a full battery before taking it out to ride.
Always be aware of local road laws, and follow them.
Do not ride the electric bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Always respect pedestrians.
Do not ride under wet conditions. The electric bike may slide from under your feet causing injury. Wet conditions may damage the electronics and void the warranty.


  1. Avoid water – The electric bike is not waterproof. The electronics may be damaged due to water and water damage is not covered by our warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may result in injury.
  2. Abuse – We do not cover physical damage due to negligent care and extreme riding.
  3. Whenever you ride the GOTRAX Electric Bike, you risk severe injury or even death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. Use caution and ride at your own risk.
  4. Do not modify the product from the manufacturers original design.
  5. Keep hands and all body parts away from moving parts while operating the electric bike.
  6. Before riding – be sure to check the electric bike over and make sure the electric bike is operating correctly before each use.
  7. Before riding – be sure to check that the braking system is functioning properly; also be sure to check that all safety labels are in place and you understand the safety warnings.
  8. Before riding – be sure that any and all axle guards, chain guards, or other covers or guards supplied by the manufacturer are in place and in serviceable condition.
  9. Before riding – be sure to check that the tires are in good condition, inflated properly, and have sufficient tread remaining.
  10. Never exceed the 264 lb (120 kg) maximum load rating.
  11. The electric bike should never be used by children under the age of 16.
  12. Maximum Speed – Your electric bike goes the maximum speed of 20 mph.


You should find each of these items in your box:

  1. Electric Bike
  2. Approved Power Adapter / Charging Unit
  3. 1- 5mm Allen Wrench
  4. 1- 6mm Allen Wrench
  5. Battery
  6. 2 – Pedals
  7. Screws
  8. Combination spanner

Remove all packaging material, then inspect each item for any accidental damage that may have occurred during shipping.



Step 1:Hold the bike and unfold the front frame.
Step 2: You will hear a click once the frame is unfolded. Lock the clamp and turn the clamp to the left to tighten.


  1. Use the 5mm Allen Wrench to loosen the screw and the fixed cover.

2. Take out the sleeve.

3. Insert the tiller into the head tube, use the screw and the fixed cover to lock it.

4. Use the 5mm Allen wrench to tighten it into place.

5. Hold the tiller fliplock to the upright position to ensure the tiller is locked into position.

6. Turn the top of the tiller fliplock upward and turn the safety lock counterclockwise until the fold is locked.


Handlebar Adjustment

Adjust the handlebar to the proper angle, use the 6mm Allen Wrench to lock the screw as the figure shows.


Tiller Height

Loosen the tiller clamp, adjust the tiller height properly. Lock the clamp to tighten the tiller in place.


Seat Adjustment

Loosen the seat post clamp, adjust the seat properly, lock the clamp to tighten the seat in place.


Pedal Installation

Use the 15mm spanner to mount the pedals.

Notice: Turn the left pedal counterclockwise to tighten; Turn the right pedal clockwise to tighten.


Before using the electric bike, you must fully charge the battery.

1.Check Battery Level: Press the power display button quickly, The charge position is on the back side of the bike as shown in the picture.

  1. Plug the charging cable into the charging hole(make sure the connection is dry). Insert the charging plug into the port.
  2. The charger box will have a green light when fully charged and a red light when charging.
  3. When you are done charging be sure cover the charging port to keep it clear of dust and debris.


•The entire controller includes four parts: motor control panel, head display board, headlight, and taillight.

•All operating experience is done by the three buttons on the board.
•The function of the middle button is as follows:
› To power on: Press the button once for 2 seconds to turn on the screen, once the screen is on so is the bike.
› To power off: Press the button for 2 seconds until the screen is off, once the screen is off so is the bike.

•The function of the + & – button:
› The electric bike has 3 gears.
» Press the + button to go up in gear.
» Press the – button to go down in gear.
› 1st Gear – 11 MPH
› 2nd Gear – 15 MPH
› 3rd Gear – 20 MPH
• Push Mode: Power on the electric bike, long press the ” -” button for 2 seconds to engage push mode ( Use this when you need a hill assist.)
• Cruise Control

› To Activate: Press the right-hand throttle for 10 seconds while riding and the cruise control will activate.

› To Deactivate: Press the left or right handbrake to deactivate the cruise control function.


  1. You will want to start riding your electric bike with one foot on the pedal and one foot on the ground. Use your foot on the ground to push off and at the same time, press the throttle button to begin movement.
  2. Press the brake-throttle to slow down or stop.
  3. The electric bike performs best when on a smooth surface e.g. carparks, smooth roads, footpaths, & bike lanes.
  4. Always clean your electric bike (wheels, body, etc.), it’s a machine and it needs to be maintained.
  5. Do not press the throttle while walking with the electric bike beside you.
  6. Be aware of the terrain you are riding on, watch out for curbs and obstacles!


If you regularly clean and maintain your electric bike, it will extend its life.

Cleaning and storage: If the electric bike is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth.
Brake Adjustments & Service: If you notice you need brake adjustments or any service on your electric bike, contact our customer
service team and we will adjust and repair your electric bike. Do not repair your electric bike yourself, this can void your warranty and you risk damaging the electric bike.
Tires: When there is low pressure in the tire, or the pressure of the two tires is different, please inflate it in time. Make sure the pressure of the two tires is the same. The default Front & Back tire pressure is 35 to 45 psi.

DO NOT use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, or other corrosive chemical solvents to clean the electric bike. It can severely damage the appearance and structure of the electric bike. Please do not use a pressure washer as it may also cause damage to the electronics.

Storage: When you’re not using your electric bike store in a dry and cool location. Avoid storing your electric bike outdoors because sun
exposure can damage it’s appearance and may cause wear on the life of the battery and tires.


Only use the approved Gotrax power adapter to charge your electric bike, others may cause risk of fire & equipment may be damaged.

Improper disposal of used batteries may seriously pollute the environment. Please comply with local disposal regulations.

Make sure to store your electric bike and power adapter in conditions that do not exceed 122 degrees fahrenheit or below -4 degrees fahrenheit.

Warning – Risk of Fire – No User Serviceable Parts, The prolonged exposure to UV Rays, Rain and the Elements may damage the enclosed
materials, store indoors when not in use.


We frequently update our user manuals at, and reserve the rights to update and change manuals online.

Please contact our customer service team if you are experiencing problems or need more detailed information. They can be reached at


This electric bike is covered by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in workmanship and material. This does not cover misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, or water damage. For warranty claims and details, please visit Always keep your original shipping box in case the scooter needs to be returned or repaired.

You can download the PDF version of the GOTRAX SHIFT S1 E-BIKE FOLDABLE ELECTRIC BIKE USER MANUAL here.