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This user manual will help you assemble and operate your new electric scooter. Be sure to read ALL OF THE INFORMATION in
this manual before riding.

NOTE TO ALL RIDERS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: It’s very important that you get parental permission before riding your electric scooter.

Don’t Ride Until You Read This:

ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding your electric bike.
Make sure your electric bike has a full battery before taking it out to ride.
Always be aware of local road laws, and follow them.
Do not ride the bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Always respect pedestrians.
Do not ride under wet conditions. The electric bike may slide from under your feet causing injury. Wet conditions may damage the electronics and void the warranty.

Warning Message

  1. Avoid water – The electric bike is not waterproof. The electronics may be damaged due to water and water damage is not covered by our warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may result in injury.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun or rain and avoid storage in places with high temperatures or corrosive gas.
  3. Abuse – We do not cover physical damage due to negligent care and extreme riding.
  4. Whenever you ride the GOTRAX Electric Bike, you risk severe injury or even death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. Use caution and ride at your own risk.
  5. Do not modify the product from the manufacturers original design.
  6. Do not exceed the posted speed limit and obey all traffic laws.
  7. Avoid touching the charging port directly and do not let it make contact with a metal object.
  8. Keep hands and all body parts away from moving parts while operating the electric bike.
  9. Before riding – be sure to check the electric bike over and make sure the electric bike is operating correctly before each use.
  10. Before riding – be sure to check that the braking system is functioning properly; also be sure to check that all safety labels are in place and you understand the safety warnings.
  11. Before riding – be sure that any and all axle guards, chain guards, or other covers or guards supplied by the manufacturer are in place and in serviceable condition.
  12. Before riding – be sure to check that the tires are in good condition, inflated properly, and have sufficient tread remaining.
  13. Never exceed the 265 lb maximum load rating.
  14. The electric bike should never be used by children under the age of 16.
  15. Maximum Speed – Your electric bike goes the maximum speed of 15.5 mph.
  16. Make note that additional insurance may be required to cover situations you encounter while riding an electric bike. It is recommended that you contact an insurance company or broker for advice and consultation.
  17. To conserve electricity, use assist mode and avoid zero starting, frequent braking, driving against the wind, carrying heavy loads including other people and riding with insufficient air pressure.

Unpacking and Product Specs

Remove all packaging material, then inspect each item for any accidental damage that may have occurred during shipping. You should find each of these items in your box:

Model EBE1
Product Dimensions 86x38x65 (cm)
Package Dimensions 150x24x102 (cm)
Max Load 265 lbs
Package Weight 55.5 lbs
E Bike Weight 44.9 lbs
Max Speed 15.5 mph
Battery 36V7.5AH
Pedal-Assist Mode Approx 28 miles (45 km)
Pure Electric Mode Approx 15.5 miles (25 km)
Max Angle of Climb 14 degrees
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Charger Input 100-240V 50/60HZ AC plug; output 42v2a DC 2.1 charging port
Tire Pressure 35-45 PSI
Bell/Horn Specifications Electric Horn Installed
Charging Port 5V1A
Frame Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
IP Level IPX4

Get To Know Your E-Bike

Basic Operation Guidelines

  1. Adjust the position of the handlebars

2. Adjust the basic operation of the riser folding

3. Take note of the locking safety part of the body folding mechanism

4. Adjust the brake

Adjusting the Seat Tube

  1. Push the saddle down

2. Open the lever of the seat tube

3. Adjust and rotate the seat

4. Lock the level

Mounting Pedal

  1. Check the L and R marks on the pedals

2. Take wrench from the toolbox

3. R means it should be installed on the right side, L means it should be installed on the left side

4. Tighten the nut counterclockwise

Charge Your E-Bike: Method 1

Before using the electric bike, you must fully charge the battery.

  1. Locate the charging port
  2. Plug the charger into a power supply
  3. A red light indicates the battery is charging, green indicates the battery is full
  4. Charging Time: 4-5 hours

Pre-Ride Preparation

  1. Please read this manual to understand the performance and related requirements of the product.
  2. Check the condition of the whole vehicle: carefully check the brake, tire, handlebar, folding buckle and quick release parts of the power folding vehicle.
  3. Check the circuit system: whether the battery is enough to support the required range. If the battery power is insufficient, you must first charge it.
  4. Check the brake system: Whether the brake and the brake power-off function are normal. If brake power-off function fails please suspend the use and contact our customer service in time.
  5. Insert the riser at a depth not less than the minimum depth (with the safety line as the minimum depth) and lock the quick lock. (see figure below)
  6. The height of saddle tube can be adjusted according to personal preference, but the insertion depth shall not be lower than the minimum insertion depth (take the safety line as the minimum depth) to ensure safety and lock the quick lock. (see figure below)

Folding the Electric Bike

1. Adjust the saddle pipe and crank, loosen the saddle pipe clamp for quick removal. Insert the saddle tube downward to the bottom and lock the saddle pipe clamp for quick removal. Crank angle adjusted to 9 o’clock.

2. Fold the riser to adjust the T handle. Loosen the riser safety ring. Open the riser folding handle. Fold the upper end of the riser downward and adjust.

3. Fold the frame and open the safety hook of the frame folding device. Open the frame folding handle to make the front wheel fold to the rear wheel and complete the folding.

Basic Operations/Modes

  1. Power Assist: Open the switch lock, step on the foot pedal.
  2. Pure Electric Mode: When the key is opened, turn the right-hand handle, and ride in pure electric mode.
  3. Human Mode: Without turning on the key switch, the human mode can be selected by directly stepping on the foot pedal.


• Do not plug and pull the handle when it is powered on.
• Try not to bump the handle
• Don’t change the background parameter setting of the speed regulating handle, otherwise you can’t guarantee normal riding. If it is not, contact customer service as soon as possible and do not use.

Battery Information

Before using the charger locate the voltage selector switch (li-ion chargers only) on the back of the back of the charger. Select either 115 volts or 230 volts depending on your country of residence. Using the wrong voltage setting will permanently damage the charger and/or electrical components on the hybrid electric bicycle.


  1. Use the matching charger.
  2. Insert the round plug into the E-Bike first and then insert the charger plug into the electrical socket.
  3. A red light indicates the battery is charging.
  4. A green light indicates the battery is fully charged.
  5. The lock position will vary from model to model.
  6. The Battery is removable, the battery can be charged attached to the e-bike or pulled out and charged separately.
  7. Anti-theft system of the battery: There is a hole under the frame. Where we can use the key to lock it.


  1. When using the charger for the first time, carefully check whether the rated output voltage of the charger is consistent with the battery voltage and check whether the charger input voltage is consistent with the grid voltage.
  2. When charging, first put the charger in a ventilated place, then insert the charger output plug into he charging port. Plug the electrical power plug into the 100-240V 50 HZ AC Power Supply. Be sure to keep the input plug in contact with the AC outlet.
  3. After charging, the input plug of the charger shall be pulled out first, and then the output plug connected with the folding car shall be pulled out. Do not connect the charger to the charged power socket for a long time without charging.


  1. Do not place anything on the battery and charger when charging, otherwise the charger may overheat and cause serious consequences.
  2. Please use the charger supplied by the original factory to charge the battery, if you use other than the original factory charger your battery will be disqualified from warranty.
  3. You can charge your battery at any time if the battery loses power.
  4. If you do not charge in time, your battery will gradually lose its performance and reduce it’s service life.
  5. Protection can make your battery maintain about 80% of its capacity after more than 500 charges. But overall decline is inevitable.
  6. If the battery remains in a state of power loss for a long time, it will lead to permanent loss of performance.
  7. If you want to store your battery for a long time, please store and discharge it in a cool and dry place.
  8. Keep the temperature between 10-21° C and avoid direct sunlight. Take the battery out for charging every 30 days.
  9. Do not intentionally short-circuit the battery which will cause very serious consequences.
  10. After the battery life has reached, do dispose of your batteries responsibly be researching local recycling regulations.
  11. If you have questions about battery use, maintenance or storage, please contact customer service at anytime.

Repair and Maintenance

  1. The front and rear wheels of the vehicle should be located in the center of the front fork or frame, and the expansion force of each spoke of the wheel rim should be similar. Keep the wheel rim in a regular circle, without run out or offset connection. If there are missing or broken spokes, it will make the rim less smooth. Find a professional technician for debugging.
  2. The rim must be smooth. If it is not smooth, it will increase the riding resistance or cause danger.
  3. Your folding car is equipped with high-quality drive chain, so please keep the chain clean and add it frequently. Use clean oil for continuous lubrication.
  4. Please check whether the brake pads are worn before each ride to ensure the safety during the ride.
  5. Please avoid riding in wet or snowy weather. If it is unavoidable remember to brake.
  6. Check the tires frequently for any scar, crack or excessive wear. The inner tube and air nozzle should be perpendicular to the rim. It can be crooked. Damaged or excessively worn tires need to be replaced immediately. Please find a professional technician to replace your tire. If your tire accidentally punctures and leaks, please contact a professional technician to repair or replace it.

Riding Precautions

  1. The cruising mileage of the power folding vehicle will be affected by the battery charging condition, tire inflation, the power gear your choose and riding. The influence of factors such as the weight of passengers, terrain, whether or not to start or stop constantly.
  2. Before each ride, check whether the battery is fully charged, whether the tire pressure is normal and check the brake distance. The left handbrake handle corresponds to the rear brake and the right handbrake handle corresponds to the front brake.
  3. Wear a safety helmet with proper size.
  4. When parking, please switch the power gear to 0 or hold the brake tightly.
  5. Abide by traffic laws and regulations, please ride on the right edge of the road, do not go retrograde.
  6. Your power bicycle has been installed with the required reflector according to the national standard. The reflector is clean and bright do not remove the reflector without permission.
  7. Look for professional technicians to maintain your power folding car, adjust the brake, transmission and other parts.
  8. Please do not upgrade or add spare parts without confirming with customer service because modifications that have not passed the safety and reliability tests from the original factory pose a safety risk.
  9. Gradually increase the gears
  10. When climbing a steep slope, the gear should not exceed the “2” gear.

Troubleshooting & Warranty

We frequently update our user manuals at, and reserve the rights to update and change manuals online.

Please contact our customer service team if you are experiencing problems or need more detailed information. They can be reached at

  1. Users should operate in accordance with the product manual. In case of any performance fault caused by production quality, the company shall perform the obligations of the three guarantees in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the state.
  2. The company is still responsible for the after-sales service of the faults beyond three guarantees and the major components in the three guarantees, but there will be a cost for repair.
  3. If the battery replacement is over the warranty time, our company will supply the battery at factory price. To ensure safety, and avoid pollution.

For additional warranty information, please visit

You can download the PDF version of the GOTRAX EBE1 ELECTRIC BIKE USER MANUAL here.