Ritetemp 8030C Thermostat Operation Guide

ritetemp 6025 thermostat user manual


NOTE: Your thermostat comes from the factory calibrated to+ or – 1°F actual temperature. It is an accurate instrument. If you want your thermostat to display the same temperature as another thermometer in your home, you can adjust its calibration.

To change the calibration:

The unit must be in the HEAT or COOL mode.

Press the MENU button.

Press the Temp Up/Temp Down arrows to adjust the temperature reading.


Press HOME to save the new setting.


Please take a moment to try out your touch screen itself.

To select a function on the touch screen, place your finger on the main temp display and give a short firm push. Try a “tap” of the finger or stylus. Your input must last long enough for the system to determine it is not an accidental ‘bump.

Using the stylus is more comfortable for some users. Again allow the system enough time to recognize your inputs. When you are comfortable with touch inputs, proceed.

Statement of use: The GPMG8030C can be used with most 24 volt gas, oil, or electric heating and air conditioning systems. It cannot be used with 120 volt heating systems or multistage heat pumps.

Basic Screens

The MODE SWITCH of the 8030C must be in the HEAT or the COOL position to access all control functions. The 8030C Thermostat has 3 basic screens.

The HOME screen is displayed when unit is operating your system.

Touching the S will always return you to this screen.

MENU screen

Displayed when the MENU button is pressed from the HOME screen.

PROGRAM screen

Displayed when the PROGRAM button is pressed from the HOME

1 Configure

  • Press MENU to configure the thermostat 
  • Set day of the week – Touch the Day of the week area to cycle through the days of the week to select the current day.
  •  Set time of day – Touch the Time of Day arrows to move the time selection forward or backward until it displays the current time. Touch and hold for faster setting.
  • Set °c -F display – Touch the °F and it will toggle to °c.
  • Set audible chirp – Touch the musical note icon to select the chirp or no chirp.
  • Return HOME by touching the home i con

2 Auto-run

This Thermostat comes preprogrammed with an Energy- Star” approved program. This program is recommended by the EPA for energy efficiency.

We strongly recommend that you Auto-Run this program for one week, and see if it works for you. If it does not fit your needs you can always input a custom program.

  • To Auto-Run the Energy-Star” program, select HEAT or COOL with the mode switch. The unit is now running the Energy-Star™ program.
  • The clock is displayed on the left. The ambient temperature is displayed in the center of the LCD touch screen. The TIME SLOT icon indicates the TIME SLOT active in the Energy-Star” program.
  • The programmed temperature is shown on the lower right. For program details refer to the Energy-Star™ program chart below.

3 Program

NOTE: 60 Second Rule-During programming, if a button is not pushed in 60 seconds, the unit will return to the home screen. Everything you have changed while programming will automatically be saved.

  • Press PROGRAM to go to the programming screen.
  • Select HEAT with the HEAT/Cool MODE switch.

Select the day you want to program

  • Touch the Day of the week area to cycle through the days of the week to select the desired day.

Select the time slot you want to program

  • Touch the Time slot area to cycle through the 4 time slots, until it displays the desired time slot.

Select the time of day

  • Touch the Time of Day arrows to move the time forward or backward until it displays the desired time.

Select the desired temperature

  • Touch the UP temp / Down temp arrows.

Repeat the above procedures for each day of the week and each time slot of the day as desired.

  • To REVIEW your program touches REVIEW. Each time slot for each day or set of identical days will be displayed every 3 seconds.
  • Return HOME by touching the home icon,

To COPY the program from the current day to another day 

  • Touch COPY on the program screen. The current day will remain solid, the destination day will flash.
  • Touch the day area to advance the day and select a copy destination.
  • Touch COPY again to copy all settings to the destination day.

To program for cooling

  • Select COOL with the Heat/Cool MODE switch and repeat the above procedure.


The 8030C has 3 manual override commands. These are accessed by touching the Current Temp Display at the HOME screen (center of screen).

TEMPORARY Override –

  • At the Manual override screen, touch the Temp Up / Temp down arrows to select your desired temporary Target Temperature.
  • Touch HOME to return to operation.

The TEMPORARY icon will go on indicating you have modified the Target Temp for the current Time Slot only.


  • At the Manual override screen, Touch HOLD to initiate a hold temperature.
  • Touch the Temp Up / Temp Down arrows to select your hold temperature.
  • Touch HOME to return to operation.

The HOLD ON icon will flash indicating you have changed the Target Temp.

The system will HOLD this temperature until you return to this screen and de-select HOLD, by touching the HOLD icon again.

NOTE: The Mode Switch must be in HEAT or COOL mode to override.

4  Special Features


  • Swing setting determines the temperature difference from ON to OFF that the thermostat will command the HVAC system to run.
  • With the MODE switch in HEAT or COOL, press the MENU button.
  • Touch the SWING icon and the current setting of temp swing is shown on the display (default at 3 )
  • To change the swing, touch the left or right arrows. The furnace will cycle more at the lower numbers as it tries to keep your set point constant.


The 8030C has a feature that keeps track of actual furnace run time and reminds you to periodically replace your system’s air filter.

  • Press MENU (from HOME screen) and touch FILTER icon. This will display your accumulated filter run time.
  • To input a new filter lifetime, touch the FILTER icon for 3 seconds.
  • Input the lifetime hours for your new filter.
  • To zero the filter timer for a new filter, touch the accumulated time display.
  • To leave the filter display, touch HOME


Allow you to prevent any changes in custom settings.

  • To lock, touch the LOCK icon on the MENU screen for 5 sec.
  • To unlock, touch the locked icon for 5 sec.

Low Battery

  • When the batteries are low, the battery icon will come on and flash. The two AA Batteries in the unit need to be replaced. In some installations your heater system will stop functioning when the thermostat loses power. Replace batteries as soon as you see this warning. The thermostat programs will remain for 30 seconds while the batteries are changed.
  • Do not take longer than 30 sec to change the batteries in your unit or you will lose all custom settings and all programming. Only the Energy- Star” program will remain. Once the batteries are replaced, the system will return to normal in 2 seconds.

12/24 hour

The thermostat can display time in 12 or 24 hour formats. At the HOME screen touch the time display to toggle from 12 to 24 hr. display.

You can download the complete PDF version of the Ritetemp 8030C thermostat user manual here