GB Midi-Oven Electric User’s Manual

gb mini oven user manual
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Dear customer,

Thank you for relying on our products. We aim to allow you to optimally and efficiently use this environment-friendly product produced in our modern facilities under precise conditions with respect to sense of quality in total.

We advise you to read this operating manual thoroughly before using the midi oven and keep it permanently so that the features of the midi oven you have purchased will stay the same as the first day for a long time and serve in an optimum efficient way.


This Operating Manual is prepared for multiple models. Your appliance may not feature some functions specified in the manual. The product images are schematic.

This product has been produced in modern environment-friendly facilities without adversely affecting   nature.

“Complies with AEE Regulation”


  • This appliance is manufactured in accordance with the safety regulations. Operation against the rules causes harm both to the person and the appliance.
  • Do not put any flammable, ignitable materials or material that may melt or deform due to the heat inside the oven against possible risks even if your appliance is not operated.
  • Appliance is not designed to be set from remote or to be remotely operated.
  • Door surface may reach high temperature when the appliance is operated.
  • Do not pour cold water into the tray or inside the oven while the surface of the appliance is still hot. Surface of the appliance may get damaged as a result of the sudden change in the temperature, and it may cause scalding.
  • Long term intense use of the appliance may require extra ventilation, for example, opening a window, or a better ventilation, such as increasing the mechanical ventilation level. Put curtains, tiles, paper or any flammable (ignitable) material away from the appliance before starting to use the appliance. Do not put ignitable or flammable materials on or in the appliance.
  • Keep an eye on the children in the vicinity of the appliance.
  • This appliance is not intended to be used by people with physical, sensory and mental disabilities (including children) or those who have not adequate experience and knowledge regarding its use, unless they are under the supervision of a person responsible for the safety of the appliance.
  • Appliance may be used by children above age of 8, people with limited physical, perceptual or mental abilities or people with a lack of experience and knowledge if they are supervised or given instructions on the operation of the appliance and any relevant risks they may be encountered.
  • Children should not tamper with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance of the appliance should not be performed by unattended children.
  • Appliance should be very hot while it is being operated or after a short while when it is operated; do not touch heater surfaces, and let children touch these surfaces.
  • Keep the appliance and cord away from children under 8. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. This appliance is suitable for use at home and similar environments.
  • Do not apply pressure on the oven door with heavy objects when the door is open; do not lean, place heavy objects on the door or handle the appliance by holding its door.
  • Use your appliance for cooking and heating your meal only. Do not use your appliance for unintended purposes (heating the room, for commercial purposes etc.).
  • Ensure that the appliance is unplugged before replacing the lamp of your appliance to prevent a risk of electric shock.
  • Life time of this product is ten (10) years.


The surfaces of the areas with this label are hot. Do not touch.


Your appliance requires a current of 16 Amperes. Have the appliance installed by qualified people, if required.

Your appliance is designed for a power supply of 230 V, 50Hz. If your mains supply specifications are different from the specified values, contact qualified people Electrical connection of your appliance should only be performed with earthed outlets installed as per the regulations. Contact authorized service if an earthed outlet is not available where the appliance should be placed. Manufacturer is not responsible for the damages caused by unearthed outlets.

If the mains cord (plugged cord) is damaged, this cord must be replaced by the importer or its service agent or an equally qualified personnel to prevent a hazardous situation.

Power cord of your appliance should not come into contact with the hot components of the appliance.


  1. Control panel
  2. Oven body
  3. Handle
  4. Cooker
  5. Heaters
  6. Oven pedestals
  7. Oven glass door
  8. Control buttons
  9. Circular tray (Option)
  10. Rectangular tray
  11. Wire grill

Timer: Set the timer to the recommended cooking time at the desired thermostat degree. When the set time expires, timer shall cut off the power of the heaters and provides a warning with a tingling sound. Set the timer cuts off programmer and thermostat buttons to zero position to turn off your device. When the timer is set to position, it will work independent of the time. Thermostat: Thermostat ensures a temperature from 40 to 240 °C inside the oven.


Features               MIDI OVEN 45 LT

External width       590 mm

External depth        470mm

External height       330mm

Internal width         440 mm

Internal depth         420 mm

Internal height        240mm

Thermostat             40 to 240°C

Timer (*)                O to 90 min.

Bottom heater         800 W

Top heater              600 W

Supply voltage       220-240V, ~ 50/60Hz.

Turbo fan (*}         13-15W

Oven lamp (*)        15W

(*): This feature is only available on some models.


Below you may find the information about the food we have tested in our laboratories to determined their cooking time. Cooking time may vary as per mains voltage, quality, amount of the ingredients to be cooked, and the temperature. Meals you cook using these values may not appeal to your taste. You may discover different values by making experiments to achieve different flavors and results that appeal to your taste.

Food                      Thermostat setting (°C)       Cooking time (min.}         Shelf order

Cookie                            170-180                                 25-31                          Center shelf

Cake                                170-190                                30-40                           Center shelf

Pie                                   180-220                                40-50                          Center shelf

Muffin                             160-180                                30-40                          Center shelf

Pasta (baked)                   190-210                             20-30                          Center shelf

Fish                                  220-MAX                           30-40                          Center shelf

Lamb                               220-MAX                             90-120                        Center shelf

Mutton                             220-MAX                             90-120                        Center shelf

Veal                                 220-MAX                             90-120                        Center shelf

Turkey                             220-MAX                             45-55                          Center shelf

Poultry                             220-MAX                             75-100                        Center shelf

Defrost                             60-120                                 55-60                          Center shelf

“Pre-heat your oven before cooking. You may consider the time required until the temperature light is turned off for the first time as the pre-heating time.”


Connect the plug to the earthed outlet. Bring the timer to manual or automatic cooking position. Set the thermostat to a proper temperature as per the values in the cooking chart. If you have set the timer to manual, you shall hear a warning sound at the end of cooking. Some smoke and odour may occur while the protective materials on the heaters harden during the first operation of your oven. This is normal and not a manufacturing fault.

In order to make yoghurt: Boil the unpasteurized milk. Cure the boiled milk after it is cooled. Set the oven temperature to 40 – 50 °C, and operate the fan. Cook the cured milk in the oven for 3 to 3.5 hours in a pan with a lid. Thawing: Remove the food to be thawed from its container and place it on the grill. Slide the rectangular tray under the grill to collect dripping water. Thus, thawed food shall not be kept inside its thawed water. Do not use thawed water (for health purposes) and discharge it. You may use thawing feature as specified in the cooking chart.

Usage of top and bottom heaters and turbo fan is recommended while thawing. As the thawing time varies as per the weight of the food, check it once in a while.

Do not cook using the rectangular and circular trays at the same time in the oven. We recommend you to pre-heat your oven 8 to 10 minutes before cooking.

This oven is intended for household cooking only. Do not use for other purposes.


Please check if the power cord is plugged in the outlet securely. Check the mains supply. Check the fuse. Check for any damage to the power cord. Contact the authorized dealership if the issue is not resolved.


WARNING: To avoid electric shock, ensure that the device circuit is open before changing the lamp. (Open circuit means that the power is cut-off.) Cut off power supply of your appliance first, and endure that it is cooled down. Remove glass protector by rotating as shown in the figure. Then, remove the lamp by rotating it, and install the new lamp with the same specifications. Lamp specifications should be as follows:

230 V, AC 15 W Type E14

Finally, install the glass protector to its original position.


Unplug your appliance. Appliance may be very hot while it is being operated or after a short while when it is operated. In this case, do not touch hot parts. Do not clean the interior parts, door, tray and other parts of the oven with tools such as bristle brushes, steel wool or knives. Do not use abrasive and scratching detergents.



Select yoghurt mode from thermostat section while the oven is empty, set the switch to lower resistance, pre-heat for 10 minutes and start curing at somewhere else. For curing, we boil the raw milk we have purchased at 90°C for minutes, and then cool it down to 43-45°C (curing temperature). Add yeast with a ratio of 1%-3% add stir slowly while the milk is at this temperature. Put the milk mixed with yeast to the 1st shelf of the pre- heated oven without closing its lid and close the oven door and set the timer to manual. After 5 hours, remove the cured yoghurt from the oven and keep it at room temperature for 15-20 minutes, and keep the yoghurt without shaking it for 1 day at 4°C in a refrigerator. After 1 day, yoghurt is ready to be consumed. Bon appetite.



This allows cleaning of the dirt that is softened by the steam occurred inside the oven without using chemicals. Remove all accessories from the oven. Put 2 glasses of water inside the square tray, and place the tray to the bottom | shelf. Bring the thermostat to steam cleaning mock Set the timer to 30 minutes. Bring the switch to lower resistance mode. After operating the oven for 30 minutes, open the door and wipe the inner surface of oven with a damp cloth.

Using the Digital Programmer


OT-2000-LED-CL-X3FAG6X is an electronic timing module that allows your food in the oven to be ready for service at any time you want. You only need to program the cooking time and the time that you want your food to be ready. It can also be used as a minute-programmed alarm clock independent from the oven.



When the power is first supplied, the oven is deactivated. The time and letter A are flashing on the screen. The time that seems on the screen is not correct and should be adjusted (see. Time settings). To set the cooking program, you should first switch to Manual Made (see. Manual Mode)


Press ‘M button to switch to manual mode

Press the keys + and – at the same time to switch to manual mode


The time can be set only in a cooking program. First press the keys + and – at the same time and then you can set the time forward and backward using the keys + and -. A long press on these buttons will change the time faster.

Press + and – at the same time.

Set the time using the keys +

Note: if the button – or + is not pressed for 5 seconds, the time setting mode automatically stops. You can stop the time setting mode immediately by pressing the keys + and – at the same time.


Using this function, you can set your alarm clock to go off at the desired time.



If you start to cook the food you put into the oven immediately, you only need to enter the cooking time. Example: We put the food we want to cook in the oven, and we want to cook it for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  1. Now, it is 18:30
  2. Enter the cooking time setting mode by pressing ‘M’ button twice.
  3. Set the time using the keys + or-. The oven clock is programmed to cook on your meal for 2 hours and 15 minutes starting from now. Make sure you set the other control buttons on the oven to the desired cooking functions and temperature.
  4. In a few seconds, the screen will show the time and cooking program selected.

Note: You can cancel the cooking program by switching to Manual Mode when setting the cooking program or when the program is running.

We have seen in the example above that the automatic cooking process can be immediately started by setting the cooking time. By pressing the button “M” three times, you can see and adjust, if necessary, the time when the food is ready (end of cooking). In the example below, the food in the oven is set to be ready at 21:30.

  1. Pressing the button “M” three times. The ‘End’ signal and the time when the food  is ready will be shown one after another, 18:30+2:15=20:45.
  1. Set the end of cooking time using
  2. In a few seconds, the screen will the buttons + or show the current time. In this case, we have programmed our oven so that your food will be ready at 21:30. We have programmed the cooking time before to 2 hours and 15 minutes. In this case, the oven starts cooking at 19:15 and will cook for 2 hours and 15 minutes and the cooking program will finish at 21:30.

1) Pressing the button “M” three times. The ‘End’ signal and the time when the food is ready will be shown one after another, 18:30+2:15=20:45.

The screen to be displayed when cooking starts

The screen to be displayed when cooking finishes

When the cooking program has finished, the buzzer is activated and it will play for 7 minutes if not silenced.

  1) Turn off the oven.

  2) Reset the oven time.

Note: The oven will be deactivated until you switch your timing module to manual mode.

In the example above, first the cooking time is set and the end of cooking time automatically calculated has been changed by us in the second phase. You can also set the end of cooking time first if you want; in this case, the cooking time will be automatically calculated and can be changed in the second phase if desired.


In case of mains power failure, the oven will remain off for safety reasons. In this case, the time and the letter ‘A’ on the screen flash. If there is a running cooking program in this position, it will be deleted. The time will be displayed 0:00 and it should be set. First switch to Manual Mode (See. Manual Mode). Then you can set the time using the buttons + or -. (Note: The system will maintain its status in case of short-term power failure.

Note: If you are not going to use your oven, make sure that you set the button on the oven to off position.



  • You can change the loudness of your alarm with this setting.
  • You can hear the loudness level you set by pressing the button (-).
  • You can listen to and select the next loudness level by pressing the button (-) and then keep and pressing it again. (3 Levels)
  • Now, your alarm will go off at the last loudness level that you listen.

Note: By default, the alarm loudness level is the highest. In case the mains power fails for a long time, if the alarm loudness is changed, it will return to default settings.


This product does not contain the dangerous and prohibited materials indicated in “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Control Regulation” published by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Republic of Turkey. It complies with AEEE Regulation.

This product is made of recyclable and reusable high quality parts and materials. Therefore, do not dispose of this product with other domestic wastes at the end of its life cycle. Take it to a collection point for electrical and electronic equipment. You can ask your local administration about these collection points. You can help to protect the environment and natural resources by delivering the used products for recycling. Before disposing of the product, cut the power cord and render it non-functional form.



The product’s packaging is made of recyclable materials, in accordance with the

National Legislation. Do not dispose the packaging waste with the household waste or other wastes, dispose it to the packaging collection areas specified by local authorities.

You can download the full PDF user manual here.