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Kinetico Signature Series Water Conditioning Systems are tested and certified by WQA against the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for softener performance and chemical reduction of barium and radium 226/228. They are also certified to NSF/ANSI 372, Drinking Water System – Lead Content and the CSA Standard B483.1 – Drinking Water Treatment Systems.

What Makes Your Kinetico Signature TM Series Water Softener Different Is What Makes It Better

Signature water softeners are powered by the energy of moving water, not electricity. So there’s nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset, or adjustments to make. You really don’t need to do anything special to operate your Kinetico water system—it runs itself, not you.

Your Signature water softener has a built-in water meter which means it operates “on demand” based on your actual water usage. With demand operation, your Signature water softener can regenerate at any time of the day or night and you’ll still have plenty of soft water available. It regenerates when necessary, so a simple flush of the toilet or run of the faucet can send your Signature water softener into regeneration. Depending on your water usage, your Signature water softener could regenerate more frequently (if you have a house full of guests, for instance or you’re on vacation). Demand operation ensures maximum efficiency while providing you with a continuous supply of soft water — even as your water usage changes.

The actual regeneration process of a Signature water softener is different from other systems. Signature water softeners use a process called countercurrent regeneration (instead of an old fashioned, 4-or 5-cycle regeneration) which has long been recognized as the optimum process for regenerating a resin bed. The Signature is able to effectively use this process since our water systems regenerate with soft water.

The twin tank design of a Signature water softener provides you with a continuous supply of soft water any time of day, even through the regeneration process. When one tank needs to regenerate, service automatically switches to the other tank. So go ahead and do a week’s worth of laundry in one day. This system can handle it!

How Your Water System Works

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium. Your Signature water softener contains resin beads, which hold sodium ions. When hard water passes through the resin beads (Fig. 1) inside a Signature water softener, the beads attract and hold the calcium and magnesium ions in exchange for sodium. After this ion exchange process, the water leaving your Kinetico water system is soft.

Once the resin bed is loaded with calcium and magnesium ions, it must be cleansed (or regenerated) so that it can continue to soften water. The salt in your salt storage tank mixes with water to wash the resin beads. The brine solution loosens the hardness minerals which have built up on the resin beads; then the system backwashes and flushes the hardness minerals and salt solution away. Once this is complete, the resin beads hold sodium ions. The system is again ready to exchange the sodium ions for more calcium and magnesium ions.


Maintaining Your Water System

Your Signature water softener is engineered to provide you with quality water without requiring extensive maintenance. However, some routine maintenance is necessary to keep your system working properly.

Changing the Filter

Your Signature water softener may have been installed with an in-line filter to remove solid material from the inlet water supply. Periodically, the filter cartridge will require replacement. This should occur when the water pressure in the home begins to gradually decrease.

Adding Regenerate (water softener salt or potassium chloride)

Make sure your salt storage tank never runs out of regenerant. Refill regenerant anytime before water is visible in the brine drum or softener cabinet (on cabinet models). Use Kinetico Water Softener Salt, available from most Kinetico dealers, or another high quality brand. Some salts contain foreign particles which can cause problems with your system, so be sure to use a high quality grade of salt, processed especially for use in water softeners. If you choose to use potassium chloride, contact your local authorized Kinetico dealer to find out about the recommended adjustments to your system. Your Kinetico dealer can also recommend or perform a schedule of periodic maintenance. DO NOT USE ROCK SALT OR SOLAR SALT, as it often contains significant levels of dirt or foreign matter.

Manual Regeneration

If your salt storage tank does run out of salt, you can manually regenerate the unit after adding salt, or you can wait for it to go through regeneration automatically.

Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, push down firmly on the softener valve screw (Fig. 2) and slowly turn clockwise until the actuator has advanced the indicator dot to the “BRINE” position (Fig. 2). You should hear at least five “clicks” while turning the screw before the indicator dot reaches the “BRINE” position. At this point you should hear water begin to run through the system. If you do not hear water running through the system, the indicator dot has not been advanced far enough. Repeat the procedure for manual regeneration after the water flow stops (19 to 30 minutes, depending on the model) to be sure both resin tanks are regenerated.

Note: If your hot water tank has refilled with hard water, it may take several days for it to empty and for your water to feel soft again



Your Signature Series water softener may have been installed with a sliding by-pass valve, which is convenient to take the system offline for service or while you use water for other purposes. To by-pass the system, simply push on the blue side of the by-pass handle until it firmly seats in the valve and exposes the red indicator on the opposite side. To place your system back into service (online), push the red side of the handle completely into the valve until the blue indicator is fully exposed.

The sliding by-pass valve is also equipped with a blending feature that allows you to adjust how soft your water is. If you prefer to blend a small amount of hard water into your soft water, use the adjustment screw on the housing of the by-pass valve to open the blending valve. Kinetico recommends that you open the valve slightly at first, and then test your water over the course of the next couple days to determine if the blend level is what you prefer. If not, continue to make small adjustments as necessary until your water quality meets your expectations.

Note: By-pass styles vary and yours may not be as described. Contact your Kinetico dealer for further assistance.

Cold Weather Protection

If your Signature water softener is installed outside or in an area that is not heated, you may want to take precautionary measures to prevent damage to your unit from freezing.

Note: Kinetico’s warranty doesn’t cover damage to your system due to freezing. If you have questions about your Kinetico water system, or if you suspect that it isn’t working properly, contact your local, authorized Kinetico dealer.

Sanitizing the System

Signature water softeners are intended for use on microbiologically safe water supplies. If the inlet water supply’s safety is compromised for any reason (for example a “Boil Alert” from a municipal supply or positive bacteria test on a well), you should by-pass the system until bacteriological safety has been restored. You should then contact your Kinetico dealer to sanitize the system before returning the system to service.

Iron Cleaning

If the inlet water supply contains iron, it is highly recommended to use salt that contains an iron cleaning additive (for example, Kinetico Salt with Iron Fighter additive). The iron cleaning additive will prevent iron from fouling the resin and keep your system in optimal condition. Alternately, you can add iron cleaning agents in powder form to the brine tank when you replenish the salt supply. Contact your Kinetico dealer for additional information about iron cleaning.

Salt Bridge

The regenerant in the brine tank can, under certain conditions, solidify and form a “salt bridge” preventing the system from making brine for regeneration. Conditions known to contribute to salt bridging include high humidity, low water and salt consumption, or the use of potassium chloride (KCl). If a salt bridge occurs, you can attempt to break up the solidified salt by carefully poking the salt with a stick or broom handle. To minimize the potential for salt bridging, fill the brine tank to the halfway point with regenerant. Or, consider using the K-Spray Brine System (optional equipment available from your Kinetico dealer) that virtually eliminates salt bridging.

If at any time you feel your Signature water softener is not operating properly, put the system in by-pass and call your local, authorized Kinetico dealer. To assure that the barium and radium reduction capability of the system is maintained, make sure the system is working effectively. Soft water indicates that the reduction of contaminants will occur as expected. Contact your local dealer for information and directions for the procedure to test your water hardness.

Operating Parameters and Specifications

  • Installation of this product must comply with state and local plumbing laws
  • Provisions for an antisiphon air gap should be part of the installation to prevent a cross connection between the water system and the waste system
  • Waste connections or drain outlets shall be designed and constructed to provide for connection to the sanitary water system through an air gap of 2 pipe diameters or 1 inch (25mm) whichever is larger.
  • Do not use on water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system, or that contains high concentrations of sediment, dirt or other suspended matter without additional treatment steps.
  • It is recommended that before purchasing a water treatment unit, you have your water supply tested to determine your actual water treatment needs.
  • Kinetico recommends the use of a high quality grade pure salt (sodium chloride) processed especially for water conditioners.
  • Water conditioners using sodium chloride for regeneration add sodium to the water. Individuals who are on sodium restricted diets should consider the added sodium as part of their overall sodium intake.

Minimum Operating Pressure: 15 psi (103.4 kPa)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 psi (861.9 kPa)
Maximum Working Pressure: 125 psi (861.9 kPa)
Minimum Operating Temperature: 35o F (2oC)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 120o F (49oC)

The Kinetico Signature Series water softener is available in three (3) tank sizes that allow you to use the ideal configuration for your application. For specific unit operation, please reference the performance data sheet provided by your authorized Kinetico dealer.

Signature 735 Signature 935 Signature 1035
Tank Size 7” x 35” 9” x 35” 10” x 35”
Media Volume (per tank) 0.50 cu. ft. 0.75 cu. ft. 1.0 cu. ft.
Maximum Compensated  Hardness 40 gpg 60 gpg 80 gpg
Backwash Flow Rate 1.4 gpm 2.0 gpm 2.0 gpm

Commonly Asked Questions

There has been a drop in my home’s water pressure. What can be the cause?

A reduction in your home’s water pressure can indicate that it is time to change your filter. If you do not have a filter with your system or changing the filter has no effect, contact your local, authorized Kinetico dealer.

My system seems to be regenerating more frequently. Is this normal?

Remember, your Signature water softener is demand-operated, adjusting automatically to your water usage. If you do not think that your water usage has increased due to extra house guests, additional laundry or some other reason, check for any leaky plumbing, dripping faucets or running toilets; all of which can contribute to more frequent regenerations.

I can hear Signature water softener running or regenerating during the day. My old softener only used to run at night. Is this normal?

Single tank, electric water softeners tend to be set to regenerate at night because of the unavailability of soft water during the regeneration process. Unlike traditional water softeners, Kinetico systems operate on demand based on your water usage, without timers or electronics. So your system regenerates whenever necessary, at any time of day. And Kinetico’s twin tank design allows one tank to provide treated water while the other regenerates, so you’ll never be without soft water.

How will I know when it is time to add salt?

Lift the lid of the brine tank to check the level of salt. If you can see water, it is time to add salt. You can add salt anytime there is enough room to accommodate at least one bag. However, keep in mind that keeping the brine tank completely full of salt can contribute to salt bridging.

You can download the PDF version of the KINETICO SIGNATURE WATER SOFTENER USER’S MANUAL here.